The fastest smoothie in the world


When healthy consumption and fresh fruity taste combine with delicious and easy…
… Then that’s not a magic trick, it is Tropifruit, the ingenious fruit pulp!

Tropifruit products are 100% natural exotic fruits and organic superfruits in premium high end quality, practical, easy and ready-to-use refrigerated pulp bags and thus always ready to enjoy!

The fruit pulp appeals especially to health conscious customers. Perfect for all those who are strict with their diet, but do not want to skip the pleasure of fresh taste. Tropifruit offers convenience products that allow to prepare fresh fruit smoothies and juices quick and easy with very little effort in many exotic fruit flavors by yourself.

We guarantee 100% authentic taste of the fruit!


The pros

  • 100% pure fruit
  • Vegan and Organic
  • Lots of vitamins
  • No additives
  • Full flavor
  • Traded fairly
100% vegan Bio zertifiziert Mitglied im Vegetarier Bund Fair gehandelt